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Parts for the model 1699 and 1700 are avalable to purchase here. Use this order form and fill out the information pertaining to your request. The model 1700 uses many of the same parts as the 1699 and can be used as a reference when ordering. Use the pictorial's shown in the parts page to assist you in properly identifying the part(s) that you may need. All orders will be followed up by a phone call from one of our staff to finalize your order with the information needed (ie, billing and shipping cost etc.)
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Parts list and order form for the 1699 and 1700 Grease Guns
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1699 parts
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PN. QTY. Description 1699 parts
Only = X
PN. QTY. Description
  1 Coupler Assy. w/Relief Valve   11FF Punch to Seat Ball
  1AB Coupler Assy.w/Plug   11FG Step Drill for CV Seat
  1BA Ext. Releif Valve X 11FK Kit for Repairing CV Seat
  1C Hex Plug for Coupler   11G By-Pass Valve Assy.
  2 Steel Button   11H By-Pass Stop
  2A Nylon Button   11I 8-32 Cap Screw
  5 H.P. Hose Made to Length X 11J Int. Hyd. Releif Valve
  5-12 12" H.P. Hose w/Swivel X 11K Copper Washer
  6 1/4-18"X1/2-27" Straight Swivel X 12 Fulcrum Assy.
  7 Grease Barrel Cap   13 Handle w/Grip
X 7B O-Ring   13A Grip for Handle
  8 Piston Assy. X 14 Linkage Assy.
  8A 1/4-28 Cap Screw X 14A Link
  8B O-Ring X 14B Stripper Bolt
  8C Outer Washer Nut X 14C Lock Nut
  8D Outer Leather Cup X 15 Fluid Bag w/Blender Assy.
  8E Piston X 15A Sealing Ring
  8F O-Ring X 16 Fluid Bag Barrel
  8G O-Ring X 17 Fluid Bag Barrel Cap
  8H Inner Leather Cup   17-1 Foot Pump
  8I Inner Washer Nut   17-2 Body
  8J Spanner Wrench For # 8 Piston   17-3 Body Assy.
  8K 3/8" Copper Washer   17-4 9ft. High Pressure Hose
  9 11" Grease Barrel   17D Repair Kit
  9-20 20" Grease Barrel   22 15,000 PSI Gauge
  10 O-Ring   23 Tee for Gauge
X 11 Body Assy   23A Adapter for Gauge
X 11A Body   24 Pint Hyd. Fluid
X 11B Hydraulic Pump Cylinder   24A Gallon Hyd. Fluid
X 11C O-Ring X A Repair Kit
X 11D O-Ring X B Repair Kit
X 11E Pump Piston X C "O" Ring Kit
X 11F Check Valve Assy   1699 High Pressure Grease Gun
X 11FA 1/2" Copper Washer   1699B Recondition Grease Gun
X 11FB 1/4" Ball   1700 Air Over Hyd. Grease Gun
X 11FC Spring   17-4A Low Pressure Hose
X 11FD Check Valve Screw        
X 11FE Screen        

Note: All products sold here are currency based on the U.S. Dollar.
Once your order is submitted, you will be contacted by one of our staff on price and shipping charges for the item(s) requested.

Any questions please! email us at C&H Machine Corp.

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